KADIST regularly consults a group of five international artist for their opinions on critical issues, perspectives on international programs, and their views on the future of art. Once each year, the Artist Circle also nominates remarkable artist projects, from anywhere in the world, for an award, with the goal of honoring the contribution they make to their community through their art-related activity (including small-press publishing, education initiatives, artist-run institutions, and social projects).


Complex Movements
Complex Movements is a Detroit-based artist collective supporting the transformation of communities by cultivating critical connections between ‘complex’ systems and social justice. Their interactive multimedia projects have addressed a range of local issues such as displacement, water shut-offs, police violence, immigration, Indigenous sovereignty, queer and trans justice, and surveillance. Complex Movements members include Wesley Taylor, Waajeed, ill Weaver/Invincible,Carlos (L05) Garcia, Sage Crump, also working in collaboration with Aaron Jones.

Guggenheim Aguascalientes
In 1895, the Grand Central National Foundry was established in Aguascalientes, Mexico, by the American industrialist Robert Solomon Guggenheim (1861-1949). “Dedicated to the processing of cooper and lead extracted from mines in the towns of Tepezala and Asientos, this foundry was presented by the government as a beacon of progress for this small city, therefore concessions and exemptions were granted by the local government.” 30 years were just enough for the total depletion of the resources, which was followed by abandonment by the company, but leaving behind a toxic legacy.

Syrian Student Project
In 2011 Syria became the site of a confluence of regional and world powers, resulting in an immense and ongoing tragedy. Gabe Huck and Theresa Kubasak found themselves working with Syrian refugees who had sought safety in Turkey. “We have had two years now of the Syrian Student Project, and a have helped dozens of young Syrians come to universities in the U.S. and Canada.” In 2016 Just World Books published a memoir of their experience in Syria: Never Can I Write of Damascus: When Syria Became Our Home