Abraham Cruzvillegas

Wright Imperial Hotel

Wright Imperial Hotel (2004) is a sort of bow and arrow made out of feathers, a São Paulo phone book, and other materials. The title is a reference to a building Frank Lloyd Wright designed for Tokyo, which was completed in 1923. In its heyday, which lasted until after World War II, the hotel was reserved for elite personnel, many of them foreigners. With the passage of time it came to be seen as outdated and dingy, and it was demolished in the 1960s. Cruzvillegas’s work ironically and humorously symbolizes the hotel imposing presence.


A cadence is a configuration of notes that indicates the continuation or resolution of a melody or song. In speech, a cadence has a similar function but is generally associated with a falling inflection. The triad is the most common construction of a chord. Tres cadencias in English is “three cadences.” This 2005 work is an installation comprised of three strings of small felt flags that can be hung in variable configurations.

Abraham Cruzvillegas is known for his intricate and elaborate sculptures and installations made from found and scavenged materials. He often fashions useful objects out of repurposed parts and urban detritus. Cruzvillegas is inspired by the resourcefulness he has witnessed in impoverished rural and urban areas, where people build houses and necessary objects out of recycled materials such as cars and bottles.