Cildo Meireles


Meireles, whose work often involves sound, refers to Sal Sem Carne (Salt Without Meat) as a “sound sculpture.” The printed images and sounds recorded on this vinyl record and it’s lithographed sleeve describe the massacre of the Krahó people of Brazil. The piece draws on Meireles’s first-hand contact with many indigenous groups through his father’s work with the Indian Protection Service. The recordings on the LP contain narrative accounts of massacres of native peoples, as well as indigenous music and rituals.

Cildo Meireles is a Brazilian artist whose work applies conceptual strategies to social and political phenomena. Well-known for his 1970 Insertions into Ideological Circuits, Meireles’s works reflect on media systems, Brazilian history, and everyday life while drawing on formal strategies pioneered by his Neo-Concrete Brazilian forebears.