Piero Golia

Untitled, #3

Golia’s Untitled 3 is an installation in which a mechanical device is programmed to shoot clay pigeons that are thrown up in front of a white wall. More than a simple reference to the sport, the work has the disconcerting effect of creating a danger zone in the gallery space. The reference to direct aggression or violence is reinforced by the piece’s rapid pace.

Italian-born and Los Angeles-based Piero Giolia’s work assumes the form of actions, sculptures, and installations often characterized as being extreme yet poetic. With a particular love for mischief, Golia takes everyday gestures and pushes them to the limit in order to cast an ironic look at contemporary society. Following the steps of legendary artists such as Bas Jan Ader, some of Golia’s works have taken the form of adventurous trips, like Going to Tirana (2000), in which he rowed across the Adriatic Sea, moving in the direction opposite from migrants trying to leave Albania.