Pablo Helguera, hosted by Renny Pritikin
Wednesday, 20 February, 2013

The author of "The Manual for Contemporary Art Style," and "Education for Socially Engaged Art," Helguera introduces his meta-institutional critique and his new publication "Art Scenes" which collects his observations on the artworld.

Renny Pritkin will present his "Prescription for a Heath Art Scene," originally published in Proximity Magazine (Chicago) in 2009, the text has traveled widely through informal art world and art school channels ever since.

"Art Scenes” argues that contemporary art makes us perform self-conscious or instinctive interpretive acts; and that the construction of value in artworks is determined less by the objects themselves than by the nature of our interpretive performances, having a trickle-down effect on practically every aspect of art in society. Based on many years of observations, the book aims to contribute to the neglected area of the sociology of contemporary art, proposing the inauguration of a field described as “Art World Studies"

Pablo is a Seed Fund Teaching Fellow in Urban Studies at the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). The Seed Fund Teaching Fellowship in Urban Studies at SFAI is supported by the generosity of the Seed Fund.

Reception at 6pm

San Francisco