Documents from the Olive Morris Collection, Courtesy of Lambeth Archives, view of the exhibition, 2010. Photograph by Kristel Raesaar.
Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre
Wednesday, 2 June, 2010

Wednesday 2 June 2010, at 19 pm at Bétonsalon, 75013 Paris.


Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre (born in 1969, Uruguay) is an artist and a writer, living in London since 1995. Ana Laura's work investigates local situations to develop an artistic and critical practice. Her work involves regular collaboration with other artists and community organizations to conceive projects of multiple layers which are often developed and presented beyond institutions and traditional artistic contexts. One of her last project, « Do you remember Olive Morris? »,  presented at Gasworks ( London) last year, is the outcome of a three years research in association with « Remembering Olive Collective » and revealed the story, mostly unknown, of the activist Olive Morris ( 1952-1979 ) co-founder of the group, The Brixton Black Of Women Group and member of the British movement of the Black Panthers. By leaning on what is neglected and underestimated, her work creates visible and unexpected connections between things, persons and places. The work of Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre also develops through commissions, her last projects were realized with the ICA, Whitechapel Art Gallery, Arts and Business, Gasworks, The Casa Encendida (Madrid), Independent Photography, Tate Modern and Tate Britain.