Pratchaya Phinthong. Film still, 2010.
Pratchaya Phinthong
Tuesday, 7 December, 2010

Tuesday December, 7 at Kadist - Office : 19bis rue des Trois Frères, Paris 75018.

The work of Pratchaya Phinthong takes place in the experience of a displacement between two realities. Whether it is between two geographical points - « If I dig a very deep hole », 2007, where a negative inserted in a wall represents the same full moon photographed in Paris and several hours later in its extreme opposite location, the Chatham Islands (New Zeland) - or whether we talk about two economical contexts - « What I learned I no longer know; the little I still know, I guessed », 2009. For this work, thanks to a local network in Zimbabwe, Pratchaya Phinthong exchanged 5,000 Euros earned from the prior sale of his artworks against the Zimbabwean currency (currently the most devalued one). From a shift between two economies and value systems — the art market and the financial market, the work triggers a social enterprise based on mutual trust.
It is through a dialogue with the others that Pratchaya Phinthong defines the conditions of an exchange and gets the artistic gesture to slip into the social. Art is not only looked at as a tool to observe; « it leaves its own field and become visible as part of something else ».

This talk is presented in the framework of the « 12 gestures » seminar and in parallel of Phinthong's exhibition « Give more than you take /Donne plus que tu prends » at CAC Brétigny from December 5th till February 10th 2011. More info :