Screening of "Fast Trip, Long Drop", a film by Gregg Bordowitz
Saturday, 14 June, 2008

Saturday, June 14 at 1pm:

Screening of the film "Fast Trip, Long Drop" (1994) by Gregg Bordowitz with an introduction by the artist.
(on the other days, the film will be shown in the space of Kadist Art Foundation at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.)

Gregg Bordowitz's "Fast Trip, Long Drop" is a seminal work whose scope extends beyond the AIDS activist movement, being a reflection on the strategies of struggle, of standing out and of community forming that have marked the (Western) history of the last decades. The video is masterfully constructed, alternating moments of sincerity, of questioning the position and responsibilities of the confessing subject, of irony and of solidarity, featuring moments from ACT UP demonstration as well as artists like Andrea Fraser and Yvonne Rainer, with whom Bordowitz has been closely involved.

This program will take place at the cinema Ciné 13,
located in the vicinity of Kadist Art Foundation.

Ciné 13
1 ave Junot
F-75018 Paris
Phone : +33 1 42 51 13 79