Untitled (Map), (2011)

Charles Avery, "Untitled (Map)", 2011.

Charles Avery has been constructing a narrative in his work since 2004. Between fantasy and reality, The Islanders is a very particular universe he has created in which to gather his disparate ideas. His practice primarily involves drawing, sculptures, texts and installations which participate in the epic and dreamlike narrative whole in the course of making. “I discovered a way to create a place where I could lay out and rationalize according to the space rather than to logic. This place enables me to affirm relations between the different elements. Thus whatever I make or write, whatever the context in which the work operates, its ultimate and absolute meaning remains linked to The Island”.

Charles Avery has no interest in placing his work within the history of art, instead he is intent on constructing a autonomous environment, purposely distancing the public. “The spectator is a tourist, a traveler, a writer, a missionary, an itinerant, a bounty hunter, a pioneer, in this country.” Amongst Avery's most renowned drawings with extremely composed figurative scenes, there are geographical maps that situate The Island in relation to a fictional archipelago Triangland. Untitled (Map) is one of the pieces that enables the viewer to comprehend the context of this archipelago as well as discover the topography of his account.