Charlotte Moth

Charlotte Moth has been constituting an image bank since 1999. She photographs and develops black and white photographs taken in places she passes through around the world. With the eye of a sculptor, she records Modernist architecture in Brazil, Bauhaus style in Germany, empty spaces, out of time. Thus she creates a classification of different types of spaces (different species). This Travelogue, as she calls it, is an organic process, a collage, an activity revealing connections between image and experience. Entirely black and white and with great economy (identical formats, modest sizes), the images convey an obsession with line, order, construction and emptiness. Charlotte Moth doesn’t only have a nostalgic gaze on these spaces since she also proposes multiple readings. Acting as assembler, collector and archivist, she introduces a distanced point of view on her own work. With a Post-Conceptual approach, the artist proposes an in-depth and ambitious conception of the nature of the image and its authority.
Charlotte Moth was born in Carshalton (UK) in 1978, and has been living in Paris since 2007.