Exhibitions , San Francisco

24 Hour Exhibition: Raised by Wolves

Artists have often worked with children in the context of education, or made work for them as a particular audience. However, more recently children have been employed as symbolic entities, dramatizing the difference between adult behaviors and biases and those less-defined zones of childhood. In these characterizations children often perform (or are asked to perform) as adults, making visible—through contrast—the expectations and normative assumptions of modern life. These works remind the viewer of their complicity in the perpetuation of the “adult world” and invite a recollection and reconnection to their own impressionable years, both as a conceptual space of aesthetic abstraction (as memories mix truth and fantasy), and to identify children as political subjects.


With works by: Edgardo Aragon, Guy Ben Ner, Jim Goldberg, Christian Jankowski, Wael Shawky, and Pavel Wolberg.


Special extended hours: Wednesday March 6 5-9pm and following 2 Saturdays & Sundays: March 9,10,16,17 12-5pm