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Almost nothing, and yet, not nothing

Based on a significant relationship between production and resistance, the exhibition features artists from various times and places, whose practices involve active engagement with the public, reflecting on our relationship to society and institutions. Producing a series of films with a group of pupils in a Paris suburban school over four years (Eric Baudelaire), proposing a perceptive experience of Tokyo through the simple acts of walking, seeing and touching (Myriam Lefkowitz), or creating a ping-pong club to reflect on the idea of fair play as a basis for social interplay in Slovakia in the 1970s (Julius Koller) are some of the gestures one can come upon in this exhibition.

With Eric Baudelaire, Julius Koller, Myriam Lefkowitz, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Motohiro Tomii.

Co-curated by Che Kyongfa and Elodie Royer, this exhibition is the first phase of a collaborative project between KADIST and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT).