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The Most Depressing Day of the Year with David Horvitz

KADIST opens its 2017 event season with The Most Depressing Day of the Year, presented by artist David Horvitz. In close proximity to both Blue Monday—reported to be the most depressing day of the year for countries in the Northern Hemisphere—and significant transitions in our political lives, Horvitz will be at Kadist to encourage public sharing of the most depressing stories in our arsenal. This event invites you to join and not to be alone during this week. For the occasion, Horvitz will mix and serve a depressing cocktail.

This program is in connection with Mood Disorder (New Documents, 2015), a book documenting the creation and dissemination of a copyright-free, stock image created by Horvitz depicting the artist, head in hands against the crashing tide. The image was uploaded to Wikipedia’s Mood Disorder page and subsequently used on hundreds of websites related to depression. Horvitz was eventually banned from Wikipedia and the image removed from the Mood Disorder page.