Online Projects

Questions & Appearances

For Q&A, curators are invited to conduct interviews with a small group of artists they’re curious about, have a relationships with, or otherwise follow. Starting with a set of questions,  each artist is asked to respond with the selection of a single image, for each question asked.

Each questions and its associated image will be published one-at-a-time via our primary social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to a collective following of more than 40,000. Each Q&A will be published simultaneously on all platforms. Each Q&A interview will be announced on Friday, and presented in its entirety, over the course of one weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

The series starts with Magali Arriola (Mexico City).
She has invited Amalia Pica, Tania Perez Cordova, and Runo Lagomarsino to respond to the following questions:

1  How does landscape come into being as a space for political inscription?
2  What role do objects and subjects play in your work?
3  How can the relationship between political bodies and historical sceneries be outlined?
4  Which is you favorite forgotten institution –or your preferred overlooked historical site?
5  What is the best way of rendering visible the invisible signs of dissent?
6  What kind of images does iconoclasm produce?
7  How does an artwork mediate between history and narration?
8  How is the contemporary reflected in your work?
9  What is your preferred exhibition context?