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Marwa Arsanios
Carlton Hotel project

Carlton Hotel project is the second part of a research on the Carlton, an iconic building of modernist architecture from the 1960s in Beirut. Designed by Polish architect Karol Shayer, it was destroyed in 2008 (date of the project’s creation). This project is multifaceted, always transforming into different forms and involving a series of collaborations: the first step took place as part of the “traveling curtains project”, which consisted in recuperating the curtains from the Carlton hotel before its demolition and sending them to different cities throughout the world where they would be subject to new interventions and transformations by artists, among whom Marwa Arsanios.

A video records the collecting of the curtains. The second step consisted in the transformation of the collected curtains, turned into fashionable clothing items. Finally, the work includes an architectural model of the Carlton Hotel.

Marwa Arsanios is born in 1978 in Washington, United-States.
Lives and works in Beyrouth, Lebanon.

Marwa Arsanios is based in Beirut, Lebanon. She has just exhibited  (precise time reference) in Sweden (with Maria Lind/Tensta Konsthall) and will take part in the next Sharjah Biennale (2015). In 2013, her work was included in the Future Generation Art Prize event at the 55th Venice Biennale, and received a special award from the Pinchuk Art Foundation. Her work was also included in the Munster Kunstverein, Germany. ‘Jerusalem Show’, East Jerusalem; ‘Subversion’, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK; and ‘In Other’s Words’, NGBK, Berlin, Germany.