Chris Huen Sin-Kan
Doodood and John

Contrast to the bustling and unrelenting experience of a city such as Hong Kong, Chris Huen Sin Kan paints the tranquil interiors of his apartment, where he leads a modest and almost hermit-like life. He does not try to capture a particular moment, but rather the simultaneously changes that occur before him in time, exploring the nuances of light and reflections and recording movements in his apartment, his dog’s behavior and reactions, the way his plant change over time, all in an attempt to find a visual expression of his cognitive experience. Doodood and John are the names of his dog and the plant. His compositions are organic and are un-staged. What Huen presents is the hidden side of life in Hong Kong, painted with extraordinary competence for someone so young, where the paint vibrates on the canvas as though never coming to rest. Experiencing the nuances of looking through painting, Huen builds an archive of the experiential phenomena of life.

Chris Huen Sin-Kan (b. 1991, Hong Kong) currently lives and works in Hong Kong. His paintings are characterised by his pursuit to capture the details and minutiae of everyday life. Huen meticulously observes personal, and yet, commonplace occurrences drawn from his studio/home. He seldom plans for a painting; keeping his brush strokes gestural and light as he works to catch a moment before it passes. Through their subdued colours Huen’s paintings materialise as ethereal essences of reality. In avoiding external social and political issues, Huen focuses inward, emphasizing the importance of intuition and chance in the defining of personal lives.