Gabriel Pericas
Efficiency & Abyss #1

“Efficiency & Abyss 1” is part of a series of photographs of stacked chairs in an auditorium. The design of this chair makes stacking easy and rational. At the same time, this stack produces an optical effect that creates a shape resembling a tunnel or a subterranean passage. The fantastic logic of these abysses is opposed to the pragmatic nature of design. In “Efficiency & Abyss 1” the artist takes a medium employed for documentation and manipulates perspective through the angle he takes the photo. In doing so, Pericàs shows that perspective can be manipulated not only through computer editing but also through manipulated standpoints.

Gabriel Pericàs (b. 1988, Palma de Mallorca, Spain) is interested in developing an ironic view of modernity and its many forms through manipulating design processes. Referencing the work of Duchamp, Richter and Baldessari, Pericàs writes texts that are staged into performances, in which certain of his already existing art pieces are actors. The artist is interested in situating the viewer in a space that is built between narration and formalism employing a variety of digressions and slips to question methods of communication. He has an interest in the invisible, what is before our eyes but which we do not perceive, the underground forces and the libidinal flows.