Public Movement
Falling Wall

Falling Wall (2015) was produced for Public Movement solo show at the Tel Aviv Museum. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art was where the State of Israel was declared in 1948. Entitled “National Collection”, this exhibition examined the national museum as a site and set of activities through which national and cultural identity are defined.
Falling Wall is a choreography constituted of several elements: a wall and minimum 3 performers. As a short ritual: performers stand aligned in front of a wall, at the event of kicking the wall falls in the direction of the viewers, seemingly about to hit them. The wall collapses and the performers pick up the third performer and slowly walk out of the gallery. The performers wear uniforms and their movements are highly orchestrated, as if they were part of a national funeral or memorial. The action can be activated several times a day at short or long intervals. Falling Wall is one of Public Movement most abstract work, evoking various walls—the Western wall, the wall of shame or the museum wall. In a short and shocking event, this work leaves you with a simple question: What would happen if the wall collapses?

Public movement is a performative research group founded in 2006 (represented by artist Dana Yaholomi). They investigate the creation of national, social and political identities. This Israel-based group investigates the creation of national, social, and political identities through public choreographies and the way they are performed in public space. By reenacting commemorative ceremonies, formal exercises from the youth scouts, or emergency procedures (life saving exercises, such as rescue from a pile of debris), the performance troupe examines the social choreography of public spaces by individuals. By studying and reenacting the codes and symbols of what constitutes a nation-state, they questions what institutes a public space and engage the audience in taking a position within the geo-politics of the space.

The Movement was founded in November 2006 by Omer Krieger and Dana Yahalomi, since August 2011, Yahalomi is the director of the movement.