Tsang Eason Ka Wai
New Landmark No. 1

New Landmark No.1 is part of the series New Landmark. In this series, Tsang reversed the direction of his camera lens, and capture images of skyscrapers from an upshot angle. Through this process of looking, the artist started to observe closely the conditions of these landmarks in different times of the day and things happening in them. These images turn our focus to different dimensions of buildings and objects, and challenges our daily habit of perceiving our surroundings. The dense and horizontal steel forests of Hong Kong are transformed into deserts, ocean waves and the sky. In embodying the pressing desire for escapade of the city dwellers, the images also reveal the hidden anxiety about excessive modernisation in the urban space. New Landmark No.1 features a public housing named Yue Wan Estate in Hong Kong. The laundry pole and objects sticking out from the windows of the building, look like an art installation from an upshot.

Working primarily with photography, but more recently with video and lightboxes, Eason Tsang Ka takes inspiration from the urban density of Hong Kong as well as from everyday objects.