Carolina Saquel Martinez

The artist films a horse dressage session at night, in a dimly lit manège. In this video the artist recalls the importance of traditional equestrian portraits in Spanish painting and relates to the repetitive passage between the rider and the mount. This effect of repetition is accentuated by the video played in a loop and the fixed framing of the image shot from the ground, with body posture and dressage themes as a method for training and obedience.
The voice over text becomes a metaphor of our behaviors, of our actions and of “any work construction”. The rhythm and the tone of the voice participate in the work’s seduction and stick to the images like a chorus: “¿ Donde estas ? ¿ Avanzas o retrocedes ?” (“Where are you? Are you going forward or backwards?”)

Caroline Saquel was born in Chile and now lives and works in Paris. After graduating in art from Santiago de Chili Pontifical Catholic University, she enrolled at the National Studio of Contemporary Art of Le Fresnoy, from 2003 to 2005 and then carried on her research at the University of Paris 8, Vincennes-Saint-Denis where she completed a Master’s degree in 2008, in contemporary art and new media. In the other videos she has produced, she uses moving image as a power enabling the alteration of time. Throughout her work she has questioned the relationship between her videos and painting, as well as the sculptural use that could be made of them. She uses nature as raw material, playing on textures, tones, the relationships between shade and light. She gives much importance to the rhythms of the images through perspective and leveling effects, complex movements of the camera or on the contrary insists on immobility and the strict definition of the framed image.