Middle East & Africa

Elham Rokni
The Wedding

Centered around a family film of her parents’ wedding, which took place just before the Iranian Revolution, “The Wedding” uses brief segments of the Hollywood film Argo to visualize those historic months. The narration by Rokni, poses questions to her family members, and raises doubts about their recollections of the ceremony, and of the important political events of the period. Fact and fiction intermingle through the blurry lens of memory—portraying the anxiety, confusion, excitement and eventually disappointment of the transformation of a nation.

Born in Iran in 1980, just after the Islamic Revolution, Elham Rokni grew up in Tehran, and immigrated to Israel at the age of 9. She now lives and works in Tel Aviv. Her drawings and video installations emerge from a first-person experience of immigration, offering  vivid reflections on Iranian visual culture, and the personal dimensions of the political moment. Through her practice, she poses critical questions about the role of images in establishing official and personal historical narratives, and as evidence used for constructing identity.