Martin Creed
Work n. 335: THINGS

Martin Creed is a sculptor, filmmaker, performer and installation artist. Working within a minimal or conceptual mode, most of his artworks, objects, statements, suggestions or performances are titled “Work” and numbered. He wittily subverts the definitions of art and often uses mundane modest materials such as Blu-Tack, balloons, tape, piles of paper. In 1993, Work No. 81 consisted of a one-inch cube of masking tape in the middle of every wall in a London firm and since 1998 Work No. 200 proposes “the air in a given space” through filling it with balloons. Yet any anti-materialism is occasionally counteracted like in the marble staircase realized for the city of Edinburgh or the bronze sculptures. Creed is constantly reappraising things and nothings and all incumbent relations. During 5 months in 2008, Work No. 280 London runners sprinting one by one through the Duveen Galleries in Tate Britain.


Martin Creed was born in Wakefield, UK, 1968. He lives and works in London, UK and Alicudi, Italy.