Ryan Gander
You see with no lights

You see without light is a group of photographs around the theme of Bauhaus. This includes a reference to one of Gander’s works which is the Bauhaus manifesto without dots on the letter ‘i’, as well as drawings of his ideal art school.

Ryan Gander is a collector. He keeps all sorts of documents to create from. His studio is full of found images, personal images, documents copied from internet or cutout of newspapers. In a number of his works, lectures or texts, Ryan Gander is very attached to details, to anecdotes. He relays some of the information with great concern for exactitude which can seem futile and absurd but creates the poetic shift. He seeks to highlight invisible details of daily reality. All his works are in dialogue with one another. Each title also builds on the associations and complementaries between the works. Ryan Gander was born in Chester, UK, in 1976. He lives and works in London.