Ruti Sela


Exterritory Project
Maayan Amir & Ruti Sela, exhibition view. Photos : A. Mole
Maayan Amir & Ruti Sela
11 Jun 2011 – 31 Jul 2011
Ruti Sela


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Maayan Amir and Ruti Sela, two young Israeli women artists work collaboratively or individually by project. Shot in Tel Aviv, their short videos report contradictions of a society defined by power relations, commonly featuring subjects like artists and models, men and women, and the private and public domain. Their films offer a fresh examination of the influence of occupation, terror, and the army in Israeli identity. Even in the most private moments, sexual identity and political identity are inextricably linked in their works. For their latest project “Exterritory,” the two artists left their cameras in distinct locations to collectively investigate space beyond borders in different neighboring countries at war. This utopian project exists only in a temporary situation, a place located in transit across the maritime horizons. There, Maayan Amir and Ruti Sela, other artists and curators, met to develop a film program centering on the concept of extraterritoriality. The first program “Exterritory” was held June 17 to 21, 2010, (coincidentally a few days after the Israeli attack of the fleet on its way to Gaza) on a ship that traveled from Israel to Cyprus. Ruti Sela was born in 1974 in Jerusalem and Maayan Amir was born in 1978 in Hedera. They live and work in Tel-Aviv.