International Collaborations

Since 2014, KADIST has reached beyond its venues in Paris and San Francisco to establish collaborations with international institutions. These have involved two curators, one from KADIST and one from the collaborating institution, working together to find artists and topics of mutual relevance. We’ve realized collaborations with institutions such as the Zabludowicz Collection (London), the Times Museum (Guangzhou, China), Clark House (Bombay, India), The Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, V–A–C in Venice and Moscow, and Khoj in New Delhi.

The new regional series of international collaborations deepens KADIST’s investment in four geographic zones by working with a lead curator located in each region for a three year series, and by establishing key issues of social relevance in the region, to guide production and research. These regions are Asia, North American, Europe and Latin America. For information about the curators, visit the Regional Curators page.