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San Francisco

Art With Elders and KADIST present HOLIDAY SHOWCASE

Art With Elders and KADIST present

December 20, 2017–January 20, 2018

Art With Elders connects generations by celebrating the wisdom, talents, and creativity of older adults. Each year, the organization provides 2,000 art classes for more than 400 seniors in long-term care communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. This holiday season, KADIST invites Art With Elders to showcase a collection of artworks in four window display galleries. All works are available for purchase via AWE and are on view day and night.


Artists: Doris Backey, Darryl Bolden, Fannie Mae Boyce, Barry Eskandanian

Sharon Grace, James Hirano, Tomiko Ishiwatari, Mas Kawaguchi, William Logan

David Mar, Ida Marksman, Michi Onuma, David Ratliff, Rafael Vieira, Pearl Yue