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Becoming Jamila

Drinks at 6pm, Event at 7pm

The third in a series exploring the relationship between cinema and contemporary video and performance art,Becoming Jamila takes Gillo Pontecorvo’s 1966 film, The Battle of Algiers as its primary point of departure. In her performance and video performance, Have you Ever Killed a Bear or Becoming Jamila, Beirut-based artist, Marwa Arsanios explores the representations of Algerian freedom fighter, Jamila Bouhired, from her role in Pontecorvo’s film, to her assimilation and promotion through Cairo’s Al-Hilalmagazine. The performance attempts to look at the history of socialist projects (Egypt), anti-colonial wars (Algeria), and the way they have promoted and marginalized feminist projects. Following a screening of Arsanios’ video, she will read from the script of the performance and join Heidi Rabben in conversation.