Publications , San Francisco

Book Release & Reading

Join us for an evening of live readings, and the release of Anthony Discenza’s new artist book.

The data set meets guided visualization meets midnight movie: Anthony Discenza’s otherworldy textual artworks have appeared in exhibition venues in a variety of formats—from street signs and audio installations to light-boxes and scrolling LED displays. These works defy easy categorization; some are iterative mutations hovering between index and prose, dense agglomerations that reference cultural history, literature, film and internet searches. Others are more speculative assemblages that reach out into the void, straining past the limits of representation and language; or fictive fragments that destabilize acts of visual interpretation. For this book, Discenza collaborated with KADIST curator Joseph del Pesco to reimagine a number of these texts in a format traditionally associated with narrative fiction, the paperback, with an eye towards revealing new facets of these constructions.