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Chengdu, China: A4 x KADIST Video Library Project

Luxelakes • A4 Art Museum and KADIST are pleased to announce the launch of a partnership that aims to facilitate access to video works by international contemporary artists for research, education, and enjoyment. The program includes a permanent video art viewing space and annual video screening series.

Video Art Viewing Space
The A4 x KADIST Video Library Project’s new viewing space is located in the archive center of the A4 Art Museum. Museum visitors will be able to watch more than 200 video titles by international contemporary artists in full, through the Kadist Video Library (KVL), an online platform designed to facilitate public access to video artworks.

Video Art Screening Series
The annual series of curated screenings and public discussions will create new ways to participate in the discourse of new media art, rethink the meaning of space, materiality, and organization, and close the gap between the audience and new media art. International artists, curators, and scholars will be invited to reflect on the theme of the screening and engage in dialogue with local artists and scholars.

When We Dream of Electric Sheep: Posthumanities in the New Media Era, inaugural screening and opening ceremony, August 30, 2020, 2:30pm

The first screening reflects on the theme of posthumanism, exploring how new media art reshapes post-human consciousness and its subjective narrative expression form. The screening includes a selection of 6 works from the Kadist Video Library that explore the nuances of human ideology.

Screening program:
Li Xiaofei, Argentum (2016), 13:07 mins
Mary Helena Clark, Delphi Falls (2017), 20:00 mins
Jackie Karuti, The Planets, Chapter 32 (2017), 5:11 mins
Charles Lim, SEASTATE 6: Phase 1 (2014), 15:06 mins
Pedro Neves Marques, The Pudic Relation between Machine and Plant (2014), 2:30 mins
Luiz Roque, Zero (2019), 5:30 mins

Upcoming screening programs to be announced.

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