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Conceal, cover with sand, replicate, translate, restore - Interviews

With Chrysanthi Koumianaki : 0’30
Baris Dogrusöz: 2’50
Pio Abad: 6’28
Alexandra Pirici: 10’50
And about Mariana Castillo Deball, watch her presentation at the San Francisco Art Institute:
The exhibition “Conceal, cover with sand, replicate, translate, restore” presents artistic projects dealing with objects in situations of conflict, and their role as vehicle or witness. The notion of the « biography » of objects, as developed by anthropologists Igor Kopytoff and Arjun Appardurai , has brought attention to the artifacts themselves, their physical and legal trajectories; traveling from one owner and context to the next, each chapter adding a layer to the object’s history and value. The immutability of objects is confronted to the mutation of their interpretation.