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Danh Vo: interview

The exhibition “Les fleurs d’intérieur” took place at Kadist Paris in 2009.
In 2017, Danh Vo tells the all story behind it to Clare Molloy who conducts this interview.
Directed by: Rodrigo Tapia O.
Camera: Edgard Berendsen
“Some years ago, I was looking at some old newspapers and found among them ‘The New York Times’ from January 28, 1973. On the front page was written in large letters ‘Vietnam peace pacts signed’. And beneath the headline was a photo of the ballroom of the former Hotel Majestic, Paris. In the photo there were people sitting in a circle, like in an arena, discussing the future of Vietnam. Above the arena, the chandeliers of the ballroom were hanging and lightning up the negotiation table…”