Indra's net: Imagining new forms of interconnection

Indra’s net: Imagining new forms of interconnection, A4 x KADIST Video Library Screening

Amapola Prada, Enrique Ramírez, Fiamma Montezemolo, Guan Xiao, Jane Jin Kaisen & Guston Sondin-Kung, Kiran Subbaiah, Moe Satt, Nguyen Trinh Thi, and Randa Maddah

In Buddhist philosophy, before the heavenly temple of the god Indra, there is a protective net made up of many beads, called Indra’s net. Like a web of jewels, the beads reflect light, from outside and amongst themselves, so that each bead reflects all the others, infinitely. This wondrous display symbolizes the power of individuals when they are connected—sharing the light and shadows, supporting each other’s existence in the world.

Considering Indra’s net as an inspirational metaphor for human relations, this screening presents a group of video works that help us imagine new ways of being while living in a time of profound social change. The coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge the links between people, societies, and communities by disrupting information flows, exacerbating social contradictions and inequities, and causing greater physical and emotional isolation. How might we restore those broken relationships? How do we repair our personal connections to find inner strength?

This screening takes place over two days, presenting artworks that both reveal current issues and invite us to think about new perspectives and possible solutions to those problems. Inspired by the image of Indra’s net, we hope that these artworks generate diverse ideas and discourse about creating better forms of interconnection in this everchanging world.

Indra’s net: Imagining new forms of interconnection is the fourth iteration of the annual A4 x KADIST series of curated programs that aim to create new ways to participate in the discourse of new media art and close the gap between the audience and new media art. The featured video works are from the KADIST collection.

The A4 x KADIST Video Library Project aims to facilitate access to video works by international contemporary artists for research, education, and enjoyment. The partnership includes a permanent video art-viewing space and an annual video screening series.

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