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Interview with Lenio Kaklea

Choreographer and dancer Lenio Kaklea introduces her 2017 solo piece A Hand’s Turn. Conceived for two spectators at a time, the performance draws from the intimate experience of reading, hollywoodian cinema and gender theory to address the question of how bodies are choreographed, be it by our relationships, by popular culture or in the frame of work.

Interview shot at Lafayette Anticipations, Paris, September 2020

With: Lenio Kaklea, Martina Sabbadini, Marie-Hélène Banimbadio
Produced by KADIST
Directed by Louis Pierre-Lacouture & Martina Sabbadini
Cameras: Jozsef Keresztes-Nagy et Jaime Raúl Ibarra Castillo
Technical equipment :  / Juli Sandor
Many thanks to Gilles Baume, Freddy Gagnu, Judith Peluso and Alexandre Rondeau at Lafayette Anticipations

Lenio Kaklea, A Hand’s Turn, 2017
Concept and choreography: Lenio Kaklea
Text written in collaboration with Lou Forster
Performance in alternance: Jacquelyn Elder and Lenio Kaklea
Set and light design: Sotiris Vasiliou
Sound: Eric Yvelin

Proofreading and translation: Eleni Tranouli
Loose leaves Design: Christos Lialios and Katerina Vazoura

Production: Athens & Epidaurus Festival
Executive production: abd
KADIST collection