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Interview with Marie Voignier

Speaking from her editing desk, French artist and filmmaker Marie Voignier introduces two projects supported by KADIST. Tourisme International is a film shot during a tour in North Korea, in which she questions non-knowledge, self-representation and images circulation. Her newer project, Na China follows the path of several female African traders working in Canton, China, and draws a parallel between personal trajectories and the exchange flows of our capitalist era.

Directed by Louis Pierre-Lacouture and Martina Sabbadini
Interview by Sophie Potelon
Translated by Emmanuelle Day

Marie Voignier, Tourisme international, 2014

Video, 48 minutes, KADIST Collection
Filmmaker, director of photography, editor: Marie Voignier
Sound Recordist: Thomas Fourel
Foley artist: Florian Fabre
Executive Producer: Marie Vachette
Executive distribution: Bonjour Cinéma

Marie Voignier, Na China, 2019

The work Na China was commissioned by Biljana Ciric and Guangdong Times Museum, Guangzhou, China, with the support of KADIST.

Marie Voignier is represented by Galerie Marcelle Alix.

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