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San Francisco

Jeamin Cha, Troubleshooting Mind I, II, III

– Following the state of California’s Covid-19 restrictions as of November 30 the exhibition has now closed to the public.  We encourage you to watch an interview with the artist and her conversation with KADIST Curator Shona Mei Findlay about the work in the exhibition –

Culminating her residency at KADIST San Francisco, Jeamin Cha’s solo exhibition explores the relationship between depression, anxiety, and late capitalism. Troubleshooting Mind I, II, III is her first solo exhibition on the West Coast.

Cha’s newly commissioned film, sculptures, and drawings reflect on the ambivalence and complexities of these issues through the lens of mental health counseling. Her recent film Sound Garden (2019) provides an intimate insight into the psyche of female counselors as reflections on their own experiences and observations of society intersect with scenes of large trees being transported to the city. Expanding on her research, through conversations with counseling chatbots and AI therapists, Ellie’s Eye (2020) examines the intricacies of mental health, as well as the use and effects of new technologies in the field.

Through the eyes of dogs and virtual avatars, Cha examines the ways in which our health is impacted by the isolation and dislocation we face in a neoliberal society. Troubleshooting Mind I, II, III weaves together a personal and poetic examination of the human mind and the world we live in.