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Questions & Appearances


“Q&A” is a collaborative publishing endeavor that follows a very simple format: curators pose a question, and artists answer with images. The strategy is borrowed from Hans-Peter Feldmann who has, since the 70s, answered interview questions with images.

Q&A offers a unique opportunity to pose difficult, fantastic, probing, abstract and exceptional questions that might otherwise be deemed too eccentric, irrelevant or presumptuous to surface in a standard interview.

Q&A attempts to capture this unprecedented global moment, through the idiosyncratic and unpredictable eyes of artists. We’ve invited curators from around the world, who have in turn involved artists they’ve recently worked with or are otherwise close to.

With contributions from the following cities: Barcelona, Seoul, Sao Paolo, Tel Aviv, Oakland, Ho Chi Minh City, Cali, Bristol, New York City, Lagos, Tokyo, Berlin, Mexico City, Athens, Singapore, Miami, Lima, Basel… and others.

Magali Arriola
Fernanda Brenner
Zoe Butt
Natalia de la Rosa
José Esparza Chong Cuy
Amber Esseiva
iLiana Fokianaki
Adam Kleinman
Prem Krishnamurthy
Che Kyongfa
Robert Leckie
Claire Le Restif
Matteo Lucchetti
Magdalena Magiera
Alejandro Martín
Chus Martínez
Manuela Moscoso
María Elena Ortiz
Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez
Florencia Portocarrero
Astria Suparak
Chen Tamir
Elfi Turpin
Wendy Vogel