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Sahej Rahal: Contingent Farewell

Mumbai-based artist Sahej Rahal‘s body of work is a growing narrative that draws upon mythical beings from different cultures, and brings them into a dialogue with the present. Within this narrative, these beings perform absurd acts in derelict corners of the city, transforming them into liminal sites of ritual. The temporal act and its residue become primary motifs in his practice. On the occasion of his participation in Frozen World of the Familiar Stranger, Rahal will deliver a performance titled Contingent Farewell where a being from an absent civilization leaves behind fragments and residues within our own. Act 1 of this absurd narrative unfolds as a ritual of displacement stretching time and space to bind the two exhibition sites (KADIST and KHOJ) together, through affective experience rather than its own materiality. Act 2 will take place at KHOJ later this year.