San Francisco

SF art book fair pop-up

Book Fair 12pm-7pm, Events 1pm-6:30pm

Book Fair Participants: The Basement, Colpa Press, EGGY PRESS, Juana Berrio, LEAP ??? magazine (magazine in residence at Kadist), Matt Borruso, Owl Cave Books, Pier 24 Photography, Publication Studios, Rite Editions, 2nd Floor Projects, San Francisco Cinematheque, TBW Books, and THE THING Quarterly.

Curated Events Participants: Ian Dolton-Thornton, Jesi Khadivi & Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio, Fei Lai & Sasha Zhao, and ZIZI (Diala Khasawnih) with Ola El-Khalidi, Amanda Eicher, & Omar Mismar.

On Saturday February 6, Kadist hosts 14 local booksellers, independent publishers, and artists as well as one magazine from Beijing for the SF art book fair pop-up. For this second consecutive year, local booksellers, independent publishers, and artists showcase their latest printed art books, catalogs, periodicals, and zines. With limited physical platforms to locally support the distribution of art books, this event aims to provide a unique access to the Bay Area’s publishing community and their recent work. Organized one week prior to the Printed Matter’s LA book fair, this program will create an opportunity to share a special preview with locals who won’t be attending in Los Angeles.

Alongside the event, Kadist is pleased to present a series of events curated by Kadist Program Advisor Kristina Lee Podesva.

1:00-2:00 pm

SUR #2 Virtual Discussion & Launch

with Editors Jesi Khadivi & Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio

The launch of SUR #2 will be take place at the Kadist Book Fair (via Berlin and Mexico City) through Skype in a conversation between Kristina Lee Podesva and the Editors. For the latest issue of SUR, a bilingual contemporary art journal published out of Mexico City, a series of encounters took place between artists, writers, and curators working in the Middle East and in Mexico, exploring the rich, relatively uncharted history linking both places, especially around the notions of utopia and exile. Copies of the issue will be available at the fair.

2:30-3:30 pm

The Smoking Book (Working Title), a performative introduction

hosted by ZIZI (Diala Khasawnih) with Ola El-Khalidi, Amanda Eicher, & Omar Mismar

Currently in production, The Smoking Book (Working Title) is the latest collaborative project of Ola El-Khalidi (the founder of Makan art space in Amman, Jordan), which looks at smoking and its relation to culture, politics, sex, and the arts. For this event, the 21st century Arab Diva Extraordinaire ZIZI (embodied by Diala Khasawnih) will engage with the book’s editors, designer, and contributors to perform some works-in-progress, which deal with loss, intimacy, love-of-life, and addiction, among other themes.

4:00-5:00 pm

Group Reading

with Ian Dolton-Thornton from Publication Studio Oakland

In this session, Publisher Ian Dolton-Thornton presents excerpts from two unidentified texts in a participatory group reading. Through reading out loud and discussion, participants will explore both readership and authorship, among other aspects of the texts. No preparation is needed in advance.

Publication Studio Oakland (PSO) prints and binds artists’ books on demand as part of an international network of independently-run sibling studios. In addition to several new books of poetry and art, PSO is publishing ‘Forms,’ an inquiry into entrepreneurship and artists.

5:30-6:30 pm

LEAP screening

with Fei Lai & Sasha Zhao, editors of LEAP

Join the editors of LEAP, a contemporary art and culture magazine based in Beijing, in a screening of video works making active use of online media in China. Videos by a new generation of Chinese media artists (such as Ye Funa, Lin Ke, Miao Ying, Chen Tianzhuo, and Guan Xiao) will be screened and discussed as a counterpoint to the technological, commercial, and cultural activity of San Francisco’s current context.