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The Feminist School of Painting: History Painting with Megan Prelinger

History Painting with Megan Prelinger
October 13, 1–3pm

History Painting historically depicted scenes from the Bible, and Greek and Roman history and mythology, but was later used as a form of documentation. These paintings were often used to share stories about events taking place across the world—especially in communicating the activities of colonized territories to the empire. In this session, we will consider the possibility of honoring the story of the world through reimagined iconic moments from our shared human history. Using the space race as a starting point, we will explore the way we’ve been taught to understand history through images in ancient painting, using technological development as a kind of new frontier for exploration.

Megan Prelinger is co-founder of the Prelinger Library in San Francisco, and a contributing archivist in the Prelinger Archives film collection. She is the author of several books, and is a frequent collaborator with museums, as well as a Bay Area naturalist.

Registration for the workshop is required.