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The Feminist School of Painting: Landscape with Martha Kenney

Landscape with Martha Kenney
November 3, 1–3pm

Landscape paintings focus on depicting the natural world around us. While mountains, gardens, rivers, and forests are often the main themes, landscapes may also feature subjects within them such as animals, people, and houses. Over the last 70 years, this genre has also begun to address more urban and industrial settings. In this session, we will specifically look at the way nature has historically been constructed from a male perspective (the dominant voice through most of art history) and propose alternative viewpoints to depict landscapes. We will imagine landscapes from the position of other planets, from other human or nonhuman species, and from other time periods when humans didn’t exist.

Martha Kenney is Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies at San Francisco State University. Located in the tradition of feminist science studies, her work examines the poetics and politics of biological storytelling.

Registration for the workshop is required.