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The Feminist School of Painting: Mythology Painting with Sarah Hotchkiss

Mythology Painting with Sarah Hotchkiss
October 6, 1–3pm

Often figurative and large in size, mythological paintings take their inspiration from myths, fables, or historical legends. They are traditionally understood to be a veiled explanation for an historical event, a belief, or a phenomenon of the physical world. In this session, we will draw parallels between mythological paintings and science fiction depictions. The latter often portrays life on other planets and imagines future scientific, technological, social and environmental changes. We will invent myths, tales, and legends for these alternative universes and conceive speculative mythological paintings based on new stories, original scenarios, or our favorite movies.

Sarah Hotchkiss is a San Francisco-based artist and arts writer. She watches a lot of science fiction, which she reviews in the semi-regular publication Sci-Fi Sundays. She is the visual arts editor for KQED.

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