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The Feminist School of Painting: Portraiture with Katie Gilmartin

Portraiture with Katie Gilmartin
October 20, 1–3pm

Portrait paintings represent a group of persons or an individual, and can be realistic or symbolic. Historically, painted portraits have indicated social status and importance, often understood through the composition, dress, setting, and position of hands, among others. We will dedicate this session to honoring a Queer or Trans person from the past to highlight folks from history who are often overlooked. In advance of the class, we invite participants to research and choose a Queer or Trans ancestor they would like to create a portrait of. Research resources can be found at the public library, the Tenderloin museum, the GLBT museum, or the Queer Cultural Center’s online resources, among others.

Katie Gilmartin is a printmaker, writer, and teacher. She runs the Queer Ancestors Project, devoted to forging sturdy relationships between young Queer & Trans artists and their ancestors.

Registration for the workshop is required.