San Francisco

Conversation and performance by Duto Hardono

A conversation between Curator Yina Jiménez Suriel and artist Duto Hardono, Thursday, October 12, 2023
Conversation, 5–6 pm, followed by a performance by Duto Hardono during the opening reception for de montañas submarinas el fuego hace islas, 6–8 pm

Duto Hardono discusses his conceptual art practice that incorporates readymade materials such as everyday objects, old musical instruments, records, and cassette tapes with curator Yina Jiménez Suriel. Hardono’s performance Variation & Improvisation for ‘In Harmonia Progressio (2017) employs sound loops as a metaphor for examining the human condition. It expands on the primordial forms of human communication by using the human voice to transmute language through a raw process of action and reaction, requiring physical and cerebral attunement among performers. Jiménez Suriel will expand on her research into the notion of seriality and repetition as an apparatus for emancipation from forms of oppression.

Following the conversation, Variation & Improvisation for ‘In Harmonia Progressio (2017) will make its debut in the United States as part of the opening reception for the exhibition
de montañas submarinas el fuego hace islas that explores the concept of freedom through sensory experiences, alternate and altered realities, and interspecies relationships between human and non-human entities curated by Jiménez Suriel. A second performance will take place at the Asian Art Museum on January 20, 2024. The work is part of the KADIST collection.


Duto Hardono is a conceptual artist and educator. His practice traverses the two-dimensionality of collages and drawings to the dynamic incorporation of readymade materials such as everyday objects, old musical instruments, records, and cassette tapes in his installations and performances. Often drawing reference from popular culture, conceptual art, and anti-art movements, his works are peppered with touches of dark humor and irony in their aim to examine the relationship and paradoxes between humans and time through sound.

Yina Jiménez Suriel is a curator and researcher and the TBA21–Academy The Current IV Curatorial Fellow, a three-year research project entitled otras montañas, las que andan sueltas bajo el agua. She is Adjunct Curator of the 14th Mercosul Biennial (2024), Associate Editor of the magazine Contemporary And (C&) for Latin America and the Caribbean. She is part of the curatorial team for Opening at ArcoMadrid (2023-2024). She has contributed to various international art publications and artist catalogs.