Fabien Giraud & Raphael Siboni
1953 – The Outlawed ("The Unmanned" series)

– In which he changes the rules of the game and all imitations are suddenly interrupted –

Third episode of The Unmanned series and replicating the editing structure of “1834 – La Mémoire de Masse”, “The Outlawed” takes place in August 1953 on the island of Corfu, in Greece, at the Club Méditerranée resort where Alan Turing spent his last summer. On a sunny afternoon, the mathematician and inventor of the modern computer, subjected to hormonal treatment after being convicted for his homosexuality, embarks on a makeshift raft to study the morphogenesis of marine organisms. As he explores the coast, the raft progressively drifts away. In the absence of any shore, lost at sea, an ungrounded scene unfolds.

Fabien Giraud (born in 1980) and Raphael Siboni (born in 1981) live and work in Paris, France  

This artwork is licensed by KADIST for its programs, and is not part of the KADIST collection.