Arin Rungjang
24624759624891410 2516...And then there were none

246247596248914102516…And then there were none narrates a semi fictional account centered around the ambiguous history of the Democracy Monument in Bangkok, and on the aftermath of the 1973 demonstration of 400,000 people who marched against the military junta from Thammasat University to the monument. Built on archival and oral history, the story interweaves the personal with grand historical narratives to consider the complicated history behind the monument – symbolic of the unrest and violence that led to the Thammasat University massacre on October 6, 1976.

Arin Rungjang’s practice is known to revisit historical and political narratives, both major and minor, as a means to consider the past, present and future. He often employs everyday objects as a device to open the work up to multiple perspectives and re-narrate histories from the context of today. With a practice involving multiple mediums, particularly video and site-specific installations, Rungjung’s work nimbly draws together remote instances to intersect and situate the lesser-known narratives of Thai history within the present-day.