Ad Minoliti
Abstracción Geométrico-Galáctica

Ad Minoliti’s newest works draw directly from her experience in with The Feminist School of Painting in San Francisco. Ideas developed with collaborators and students during the workshops—in particular the History, Landscape, Portrait, and Petit Genre (domestic settings)—are embodied in the vivid cosmic scene depicted in the triptych painting Abstracción Geométrico-Galáctica. A departure from previous bodies of work that explore the modern interiors of 1960’s-era American homes, porn sets, and jungles, Abstracción Geométrico-Galáctica launches her geometric characters into space for the first time. The background image features illustrated propositions for spatial colonies that NASA commissioned from artists during the 1970s, thus exporting the colonial dreams and strategies of the White American Way of Life beyond the terrestrial sphere. In Minoliti’s version, this vision is contaminated by techno-feminist figures occupying a spaceship setting whose design is pulled directly from the animated television show Steven Universe (an Emmy award winning program that premiered on Cartoon Network in 2013—the network’s first show created solely by a woman, and well-known for featuring LGBTQ themes and science fantasy worldbuilding). After exploring the non-human, post-gender alternative universe, the artist is now addressing the future of genres.

Ad Minoliti is a painter who combines the pictorial language of geometric abstraction with the perspective of queer theory. Engaging in a diversity of formats and media from easel painting to installation, she assumes painting not as a mere material practice, but rather as a visual set of ideas to approach normative categories of sexuality and biology. Throughout her work, geometrical forms and surreal landscapes serve to imagine a post-humanist setting in which feminist and gender theories can be applied to an open interpretation of painting, design, and art history.