Nora Schultz
City Song of Rug

Halfway between a painting and an installation City Sound of Rug gathers found images, synthetic foam, painted metal plates, and prints placed on the floor. Rugs are elements representative of commerce and related to the idea of territory, handicraft and community. In City Sound of Rug, the rugs are used as surfaces upon which prints are manually made. The traces of paint on the synthetic foam and the paint transfers from one rug to another, enable the spectator to see the materials used as tools, elements that constitute the structure of the installation. City Sound of Rug also incorporates advertising billboards of real estate projects. The work focuses on architecture and urbanism. The use of color is essential in this work: the blue, red and green marks become signs and characterize the work like an act of speech.

Born 1975, Frankfurt / Main, Germany

 Lives and works in Berlin

Nora Schulz explores the relations between painting, sculpture, performance, and language. She tends to capture the moment where forms become signs and elements of language. She is interested in translation and in the shifts that occur when external realities and cultural patterns are readapted. She mainly works with industrial materials that she collects in the surroundings of her studio in Berlin (metal of all sorts, rugs, shafts, tubes, ropes). Process and shifting are the bases of her practice which concerns transformation within each context. She remodels found objects into abstract sculpted paintings characterized by precarious balance. Her sculptures often end up taking the shape of printing machines, questioning language and the authority of its grammatical forms in an active process of materialisation.