Moe Satt
F n' F (Face and Fingers)

These photographs document the hand and facial gestures in Moe Satt’s performance F n’ F (Face & Fingers). Whistling and wearing minimal clothing within a bare gallery space, Moe Satt performed a choreographed sequence of gestures based upon those he observed on the streets of Yangon, Myanmar. Each photograph is simple, showing only the artist’s face and hands with a title and caption that describes the meaning of the documented gesture. With subjectivity and ambiguity, Satt illustrates the ways in which people communicate nonverbally with their bodies.

Moe Satt is a Burmese visual and performance artist who uses his own body as a symbolic field for exploring self, identity, embodiment, and political resistance. He is part of a renowned generation of experimental contemporary Burmese artists who overcame government censorship and oppression to engage with conceptual artwork, the body, and identity. He founded the Beyond Pressure International Performance Art Festival in Yangon, Myanmar.