Bruno Pacheco
“Folding Box 5280”, “Folding Box 5282”

The Folding Box series by Bruno Pacheco (2010) articulate the delicacy and intimacy of the artist’s practice. The boxes are simple in form, and may recall disposable takeaway boxes, lost in unuse. The warm light and the color imbued on the simple boxes evoke a distant, or alien environment in which these objects seem to belong. The viewer is invited to question: is it dawn or dusk? Where would such warmth be so palpable, and at what time of year? Where do these boxes come from, and where will they go? The simplicity of this theme is provocative in itself, and is a gentle invitation to enquire into these seemingly unassuming objects.

Painting is at the center of the artist Bruno Pacheco’s practice. His paintings draw attention to a scene, a moment or an object, inviting the viewer to narrate the seemingly solitary objects. With a certain spontaneity, Bruno Pacheco crystallizes the gestures of the characters in his paintings. The different viewpoints are organized in order to construct a rhythmic visual narration. The cinematic approach of the artist enquires into form, frame and color. His approach opens a dialogue into the deconstruction of site and space through sequential and fragmentary research. Pacheco is currently based in London.