Tania Candiani
For the Animals

Tania Candiani has long been interested in Acoustic Ecology—the study of relationships between humans and our environment mediated through sound. A poetic text by Candiani narrated by writer and MacArthur Fellow Josh Kun is featured in this 3-channel video, For the Animals. The artist made her research visual for the project: scanning, sampling and borrowing from books, vintage videos and images of material that informed her process. In many ways, the video brings an understanding of borders from many different perspectives, including physiological, geographical, physical, and metaphysical. Through the shared experience of sound between animals and humans this project encourages the visitor to question: How are humans shaped by borders? How would a border wall impact the natural migration patterns of local animals and their ability to thrive?

Candiani works at the intersection of language, sound and technology, often mixing outdated devices such as typewriters or Victrolas with new custom-made electronics to create astonishing sculptures and installations. Her work links science and craft, creating expansive connections and revealing new ways of thinking.